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Instant Vanilla Extract Premium PD Recipe

We can make gourmet-quality vanilla extract using our Instant Pot. I’m thrilled to share this cost-cutting, time-saving method that has made me feel like the savviest vanilla-rich foodie. This efficient technique uses fewer beans and produces a bolder, more aromatic extract than time-aged or commercial extracts. I’m not doing holiday shopping this year. I will spend an evening filling my home with the essence of vanilla while brewing extract to fill environmentally friendly repurposed glass bottles. In place of holiday cards, I’m making phone calls to reconnect with loved ones while decorating labels to dress up my vanilla extract gifts for everyone on my gift list. Protective Diet recipes are created to save time, cut costs, and improve food quality while offering protection to humans, animals, and our planet.

  • Instant Vanilla Extract Premium PD Recipe

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    1. Making vanilla in a jar helps prevent the alcohol from evaporating from your extract, which means your alcohol percentage will remain high. A higher percentage of alcohol means the vanilla flavor will continue to extract even more flavor over time and higher alcohol percentage creates a more antimicrobial environment for safer long-term storage. The vapors of boiling alcohol are flammable and may release into the air in your kitchen. Use jars and natural release the pressure to reduce risks.