Cinnamon Swirled Sweet Potato Bread Premium PD Recipe

Take the chill off the house with the essence of warm spice and everything nice to keep you participating in fun seasonal baking while achieving and maintaining your goals. Protective Diet baked goods promote high energy and food satisfaction to offer us health promoting choices every day of the delicious year.


  1. This Cinnamon Bread is everything you want it to be for a treat, and knowing it is also a very healthy breakfast, makes it even better. Just the smell of the bread got the whole family up and out of bed today! Thanks Julie, it is delicious and a very simple recipe.

  2. I made this sweet potato bread as one of my first baked goods 6 months ago and I Loved it and now that it is October it will be something I make, bake and share!! It is so delicious you will never know how healthy you are eating! It’s a definite addition for your Turkey Day celebration! So easy and so moist!!

  3. This is a great fall treat. I’ve had it for breakfast for the past two days, hubby had some as a late night snack and my grandbaby had a slice as his refueling during his playtime here. The most difficult part of this recipe is waiting for it to cool so it can be enjoyed. No surprise that Julie Marie has created another winner!

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