Cornbread Stuffin’ Muffins PD Premium Recipe

The star of Thanksgiving dinner remade into handheld biscuit style muffins that we can enjoy any day of the year. No need to set a formal dining table for this quick-prep savory holiday favorite. This health-promoting cruelty-free gourmet stuffing is whole grain, gluten free and moist on the inside with a satisfying golden outer crunch for a texturally balanced bite in every serving. In just 30 minutes your home will be filled with the unforgettable comforting aroma of the holidays.


  1. These muffins are Delicious alone or extra tasty with PD Cranberry sauce. It is a delicious, healthy, hand-held Thanksgiving in a muffin! Everyone devoured these quickly, I’m so glad for Julie’s suggestion to leave a couple muffins at home for yourself to eat, I did and then still made another batch for the family.

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