Creamed Corn Premium PD Recipe

As a child, this classic veggie side dish was a regular on my plate. Creamy, slightly sweet and savory, and topped with freshly ground pepper please! Protective Diet created a sugar- & additive-free version made with fresh or frozen corn that exceeds expectations of the familiar canned variety. Serve this delicious veggie side dish that kids and adults alike enjoy.

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  1. I just tested the cream corn as a side dish for Thanksgiving dinner and it was easy and absolutely delicious. My husband didn’t know the difference when he came home. The kids slurped it up. I used three cans of corn, as I didn’t have frozen and added a little cornstarch to make it more gravy like before heating it. Yummy! You could serve this to non PD friends and they would not know the difference on this one. Thanks, Julie!

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