Crispy White Beans Premium PD Recipe

Incorporating protective beans into your meals doesn’t mean beans take center plate. When beginning a Protective Diet build a fiber-loving protective microbiome population by incorporating beans in small amounts in order to build a community of microbes who happily manage bean fibers without producing digestive distress. This recipe includes cost-cutting organic dried beans with your Instant Pot. Add texture and protective plant fiber to salads and grain bowls with a garnish of air fried crispy white beans. These herb seasoned, high fiber croutons stay fresh in the fridge for four days or for several months in the freezer. This recipe is an oil-free remake of Italian-seasoned fried white beans that is traditionally served as antipasto. On a Protective Diet they add savory crunch to a charcuterie board. White beans are well known for their creaminess and with this recipe they maintain their delicate center while adding a pleasing crunch.

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  1. I have made these with both canned and dried beans cooked in the instant pot. Both were very good, but the dried bean version was best. I have used them in salads, topped a bowl of soup, and popped a handful in my mouth as a snack…great flavor and texture.

  2. As an Italian I grew up eating the seasoned fried beans that inspired Julie’s remake and these are equally delightful! I was away from home so made these from canned beans and dried herbs and they were so good–can’t wait to make them from dried beans with fresh herbs. The aroma produced while they were in the oven had people coming in to the kitchen asking what was cooking and excited to eat them with dinner. They were a hit with me and with all of the SAD eaters I was feeding!

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