Dry Steamed Kale Free PD Recipe

Retain the nutrition and integrity of protective kale, collards, and chard with my one-minute dry steam method using your Instant Pot. With this quick-cooking technique, a small side or a big bowl of perfectly cooked greens make their way into my meals with pleasure. My magical morning healing ritual is to chop our greens into a cooking vessel to initiate sulforaphane production while I go about my day. Before I start making dinner, I set them to steam. A few minutes later, I place them aside until the rest of my meal is complete. A handful of daily greens promotes nitric oxide to strengthen our endothelium and boost our immune system with sulforaphane and fiber to feed our protective microbes. Jerry and I enjoy small daily bowls of Dry Steamed Kale garnished with flavorful ferments and Probiotic Pepper Sauce. On salad night, I toss them in with my favorite oil-free dressing. From quick-prep Kids’ Spaghetti to Homemade Lasagna, all my PD pasta dishes get an addition of perfectly cooked kale. Dry steamed greens are one of my favorite additions to a PD Pro Bowl. Healthy living becomes rewarding, natural, and fun as we evolve, incorporating innovative cooking techniques, nutritional science, and technology. Kale never tasted so good, and it has become my microbes’ top requested recipe. Learn about your gut microbes and how they influence your dietary preferences in PD-Ed Lesson #265 What’s Your Food Mood. View a demonstration of this cooking method as the first tip in PD-Ed Lesson #270 Pro Tips.


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