Fermented Salsa Premium PD Recipe

Take your salsa and fermentation shelf to the next level with this healthy foodie recipe. Intensify flavor and increase the bioavailability of protective lycopene with fermentation. Fermented tomatoes preserved with naturally present lactobacillus produce tangy lactic acid, offering a gourmet flavor you won’t find in classically prepared salsa. My sure-thing quick-prep salsa fermentation technique and the outstanding flavor it produces will keep you serving your immune system a boost with every meal. This recipe produces a quart of the most exciting functional food condiment, rich with lycopene that is multiplied and easier for the body to absorb due to fermentation. Lycopene offers our body protection from cancer growth, cognitive decline, eye disease, heart disease, and inflammation. Jerry and I average one batch of Fermented Salsa per week. Every Saturday, I set up a 2-quart batch on my fermentation shelf, and blend a ready batch from the week prior. This weekly routine keeps a steady supply in my refrigerator ready to share with friends and family.

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  1. This is without a doubt the best salsa I’ve ever had in my life, and I consider myself a salsa snob. OH, MY GOODNESS!!!! Make this now! The hardest part is waiting 7 days! Taking this as one of the four dishes to serve at a Ravinia picnic with SAD friends. I am confident they will love it! Side note: My SAD hubby found it too spicy. You might want to consider a milder version for children or those sensitive to spicy foods.

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