Fermented Tomato Sauce Premium PD Recipe

Preserve your tomato harvest in the fridge, freezer or can it for the shelf. Intensify flavor and increase the bioavailability of protective lycopene with fermentation. Tomatoes preserved by lactobacillus become tangy with lactic acid making the Ph 3.6—perfect for cold storage or water bath canning. This recipe offers tomatoes a gourmet flavor you won’t find in classically prepared tomato sauces. My sure-thing quick-prep tomato and herb ferment will make preserving your harvest easy. My garden friends were raving about my sauce and asking for more. I had to write the recipe so they could make it for them selves. They had no idea this sauce was higher in protective lycopene and easier for the body to absorb due to fermentation. They couldn’t care less that lycopene offers protection from cancer growth, cognitive decline, eye disease, heart disease, and inflammation. They wanted more of my red sauce because it was delicious! This sauce can be stored in the fridge, freezer, or water bath canned following the USDA guidelines.

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