Flatbread Pizza Premium PD Recipe

Top rated oil-free whole grain crust similar to classic hand tossed pizza, but even better. It is also the easiest and fastest to make, bake or grill. Zero rise time using this PD yeast-free no-fuss dough. With this recipe, you’ll have pizza ready to enjoy faster than it would take your family to decide on toppings for delivery. Plant-based sauces and toppings are exciting on a Protective Diet, but the secret to good pizza is a perfect crust. Calling all first-time pizza makers and flour fearing non-bakers! This easy-roll technique will keep your counter tops clean and your family excited for PD pizza night.


  1. This is the easiest pizza to make on the grill. The dough comes together so easy. Make sure you put the corn flour under your dough for easy transition to the grill. We cleaned out the fridge for toppings. This is going to be a weekly summer rotation dinner.

  2. Great. Thanks so much. Thanks for making healthy food enjoyable to eat and affordable for young families just starting out in life. I just made the pizza sauce. I will make the flat bread tonight, while everyone else is eating take out pizza. I am looking forward to seeing how many end up enjoying the home made pizza you taught me to make, tonight.

    By the way, I have lost 13 lbs in 30 days, and I have not been 100 percent but it is getting easier to make good choices everyday. I am slowly trying to adjust our menu so the change in our families food choices won’t be so much noticed. I have already told my husband after feeding him food for 2 weeks, that he hasn’t had any meat for dinner and he was surprised that all those meals that taste wonderful, didn’t have any animal protein in them. I caught him talking to friends and co workers about how good the food is .

  3. Try Thai pizza: Awesome Sauce topped with cutlets (or not), chopped tomatoes, onion, pea shoots and sprouts. Top each slice with a drizzle of PD Peanutless Peanut Sauce as you eat. Fun. Beautiful and very delicious.

  4. WOWOWOWOW!!! This is by far my favorite pizza dough recipe yet! Although Julie Marie warns us not the roll the dough too thin because it will result in a cracker-like result, that’s exactly how I like my pizza crust! So I intentionally did so. It’s so thin and crispy and delicious! I had mine topped with the Fresco Sauce, Ultimate Cheeze Sauce, Pickled Pepper Rings, Ground Crumbles, and some clean Kalamata Olives. SOOOO quick and delicious!!!! Thank you Julie Marie for another amazing recipe to keep us healthy!

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