Green Bean Casserole Premium PD Recipe

Complete your holiday plant-based feast with this traditional dish. I gave the old-fashioned version a healthy makeover, but no one will suspect it. Don’t tell them it’s healthy until they ask for a second helping.


  1. We just skip the turkey and head straight for this Green Bean Casserole, Potatoes by the Pound, and the Cranberry Salsa! Everyone ate every last green bean, so now I get to make another casserole for just us, yummmmmmmm!

  2. Made this for the first time (oddly enough) for Thanksgiving, 2015. I know I made a green bean casserole last year, but it did not come out as good as Julie’s dish! Funny but growing up, I only liked to pick off the French’s Onions on the top of the casserole. Thankfully I have grown up, learned about nutrition, but still pick the onions off the top.

    I was highly impressed with just how easy this recipe was. This was one of three dishes I made a few days before Thanksgiving. I was a cooking fool, but all the dishes came together very nicely. I coated the onions and popped them in the oven to brown. I probably left them in too long, as they came out a bit darker than I hoped for. The following time I made them, they were even darker and after the total cooking time of the casserole they were nearly black.. I might have to rethink the cook time for the onions. Their flavor is OUTSTANDING! I love the coating and add just enough of a salty flavor to top the casserole off.

    I had better luck the first time in warming the soy milk, as I spent all the time stirring so the bottom of the pan didn’t burn when I added the corn starch and the sauce started to thicken. Gotta pay attention to the boiling pot, as I paid for it the next time I made it.

    This is such a cheap dish to make as well, found a nice deal at the store for frozen green beans and have a few stocked up for the coming week. The sauce came out excellent after 45 minutes in the oven. Even better the day after, but that can be said for many foods.Next time I will considering adding the mushrooms. Thanks Julie!

  3. This is a 10/10!!! I could not love this recipe anymore! Green Bean Casserole was always my favorite “Thanksgiving” dish, and this is BETTER than the Standard American Diet version. The prep was SO easy and the flavor is out of this world! Stop everything you’re doing and make this now! You won’t regret it!

    1. This dish can be assembled ahead of time, refrigerated and baked later. I would top it with the onions before baking so they don’t get lost in the sauce. I love the leftovers on top of whole grain pasta.

  4. I am in heaven! I love green bean casserole, BUT I’m a green bean casserole snob! None of those canned onions or cream of crap soup recipes for me. Mine had to be homemade. It was good, but it was full or fat. I never would have believed that green bean casserole could taste so good and so rich without any added fat! I had to have a second serving just to be sure! 🙂 I recommend adding the mushrooms for an even richer taste. Thank you SO much for this recipe. It’s going to help make my holidays even better!

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