Hamburger Pinwheels Premium PD Recipe

This recipe is based on the original Hamburger Roll-ups recipe printed on the side of Bisquick boxes. I’m keeping American food history alive while dramatically improving our health with plant-based Protective Diet recipe remakes. Hamburger Pinwheels are a fun starch energy addition to soup and salad night. Or platter these pick-up-and-eat rolls with your favorite burger garnishes to enjoy on game night with family and friends.

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  1. OH. MY. GOODNESS. These are SOOOOO Worth it! My taste buds and tummy are in heaven! Fabulous recipe! I topped each pinwheel with ketchup, mustard, a pickle and a slice of tomato~ WOW! A perfect pairing with the creamy tomato soup! SO enjoyable!

  2. These. are. incredible. Hoping I’ll get better as I make them more but they are definitely worth it. It is hard to not eat every single one of them of them. If I can get my act together I think putting them in the fridge a little while might make it easier to slice them?

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