Hash Browns a la Florentine Premium PD Recipe

This high energy breakfast will provide all the nutrients necessary to get you going. Potatoes are higher in fiber than oatmeal and when paired with spinach they blow away the antioxidants of any breakfast cereal. This recipe dishes up fried breakfast potato appeal without the use of oil.

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  1. Just made this today with a very large sweet potato and offered some to my husband. He is not PD, but now, after tasting PD food for over 100 days, said yes. His comment while polishing off a larger portion was that taste palates change and he found all the flavors in this dish surprising and delicious. No leftovers but happy husband. I loved it as well.

  2. I realized that I was supposed to wait for breakfast to make this, but I couldn’t wait that long! Besides, this is my kind of dinner! I love anything that’s loaded with spinach and flavor, and this fits the bill. I spiced it up by topping it with salsa and No Fat Not-Yo Cheeze Sauce, and happily, I have lots of leftovers for breakfast tomorrow. This recipe is another winner!

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