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These simply delicious potato disks are a great way to increase your plant fiber intake. You will save big bucks and hundreds of empty fat calories using fresh potatoes in place of packaged frozen fries. Skip the chicken nuggets and serve your kids Home Fries for dinner. Loaded with a perfect balance of clean protein, fiber and carbohydrates that is only found in whole plant foods. Your kids will love them and your budget will too.

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Comments (3)

  1. posted by Denise on April 16, 2014

    The whole family loved these, so they will become a regular in this house! Although they were good with hot sauce, I loved them even more dipped in the malt vinegar and then PD House Mayo.

  2. posted by Cindy Hall on April 21, 2014

    I think I like these even better than the fries, they remind me of thick cut potato chips. I like to dip them in the French onion dip.

  3. posted by Amy on September 24, 2014

    These are a must have for me when we have veggie chili night. I try to make the chili spicy for hubby and the potatoes help me tone it down (and fill me up) for when my lips are burning. The taste of the pair together is so delicious. I love mine topped with onion powder and dried chives.

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