Homemade Fruit Vinegar Premium PD Recipe

I am thrilled to share with you how I created fermented organic gourmet probiotic-populated vinegars for free using my fruit harvest. These vinegars are perfect for use in cooking or sipping while fasting or in protective shrub mocktails. Making sugar-free vinegar is an easy two-part aerobic fermentation. In step one, we invite nature’s healthy microbes to digest the fruit’s natural sugars. Microbes harnessed from the air naturally digest and ferment the fruit’s sweetness. They transform fruit and water into alcohol. Then, in the second step, we remove the fruit allowing the alcohol to transform into shelf-stable living vinegar. In five weeks vinegar is ready to be bottled, sipped, and shared with friends. Making vinegar using aerobic fermentation has expanded my microbiome with microbes that thrive and populate with air unlike our anaerobic ferments. In Protective Diet Education lesson #334, I will share how I use the six varieties of commercial vinegar in my protective pantry and the lessons I learned during my sugar-free vinegar fermentation experiments.


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