Homemade Pita Chips Free PD Recipe

These chips reduced my body fat. When I was carrying around my excess fat baggage, I was also known to carry around a bag of Stacy’s Pita Chips. I was hooked on those pita chips until I started baking up my own healthy crispy chips. I managed to cut hundreds of empty fat calories, food additives and salt out of my diet. Use them to add a crunchy starch to salads and to scoop up heart-healthy PD Hummus.

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  1. These are pretty legit! I enjoy them in my Fattoush Salad and I like how you can change up the seasonings to keep it exciting. My only advice is that if you are using a super huge pan (I use my full sheet pan which patkes up a whole oven rack) like I usually do, Be ready to give yourself more time. I think for me it was 5 minutes and from there it was perfect. They even crisp up more as they cool so it was hard to believe that they weren’t fried!

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