Indian Flatbread Pizza Premium PD Recipe

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Leftover Indian Dahl and chutney makes an effortless and unforgettable quick-mix flatbread pizza in minutes. Indian Flatbread Pizza has us doubling the protective Dahl recipe to guarantee more easy-prep gourmet pizza nights in our Workplace for Wellness. This Protective Diet top-rated oil-free whole-grain crust is the easiest and fastest to make, bake or grill. With this recipe, you’ll have pizza ready to enjoy faster than it would take your family to decide on toppings for delivery. Plant-based sauces and toppings are exciting on a Protective Diet, but the secret to good pizza is a perfect crust. Calling all first-time pizza makers and flour-fearing non-bakers! This easy-roll technique will keep your countertops clean and everyone excited for PD pizza night.

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  1. Dahl + Mango Chutney + Flatbread Pizza = Brilliant! Although I don’t know what Julie is talking about when she says use ‘leftover’ Dahl because there is never any leftover Dahl at my house! Double your Dahl so you can enjoy this pizza…it is delicious!

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