Instant Pot Shepard’s Pie Premium PD Recipe

Warm up with microbiome boosting resistant starch seasoned with protective warming spices. This modern day Shepard’s Pie satisfies winter appetites and sticks to our lean plant-based ribs. This health-promoting version of a classic recipe includes a shortcut Pot-to-Plate version and a fun twist on the traditional oven baked casserole. Fill your Instant Pot with protective pantry staples creating an unforgettable meal that your resident microbes, friends, and family will repeatedly request. Inviting new friends to dine with us is as essential to our wellness as the variety of fiber and spices we consume in a meal. The diversity of friends, plant ingredients, and natural environments we experience increases our health span. Health span is the years we are healthy and living independently of medical care. Protective Diet provides education with The Microbiome Population Project to support our health span by encouraging the incorporation of daily microbe collection, population, and protection.


  1. This Instant Pot Shepherd’s Pie is Scrumptious! It is hearty and deliciously filling. The whole house smells so good and this dish reminds me of my mom’s Shepherd’s Pie! Except you don’t need to add gravy or ketchup on this! It is perfect!

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