Loaded Nachos Free PD Recipe

This is a compilation of my all-time favorite party recipes piled up on my all-time favorite food…Baked Tortilla Chips. Most people have a hard time believing this indulgently beautiful spread of nachos is a Protective Diet option. Recipes like Loaded Nachos are what keep us on track and achieving all our health goals.

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  1. I eat this every other week. I think I just love the fact that I can have a big plate of nachos and it is basically all vegetables! My S.A.D. eating husband even eats this and loves it. Now if only I could get him to make it for me! 🙂

  2. I made these loaded nachos tonight using the 1st 3 recipes and a can of beans I got from whole foods! Can I say these are great! I mean if you want a snack night and are a chip person this recipe is perfect! I am just glad I have lots of leftovers so I can eat this for a few days:) Yeah me!!!

    Kristie Clark

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