Natural Laundry Detergent Premium PD Recipe

This effective easy-make natural laundry detergent will cut household costs dramatically and eliminate the chemical bath your clothes are currently taking. Commercial detergents and fabric softeners pollute our waterways and the air we breathe, and absorb into our system through our skin. This can break down the foundation of our immune system and irritate our skin and respiratory system. Protective Diet Natural Laundry Detergent will leave your blender pitcher sparkling clean and your laundry soft and beautifully clean. Choose fresh unscented or a light kiss of essential oils for just pennies per naturally clean load, offering protection for humans, animals and our planet.

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  1. posted by Veronica Nin on July 11, 2017

    When my son was diagnosed with vitiligo, an autoimmune disease that attacks the skin, his pediatric skin disease dermatologist insisted we stop all use of commercial detergents and fabric softeners to give his skin a break from harsh chemicals, perfumes and toxins. Shortly after her recommendation, the PD laundry soap recipe was broadcasted and we immediately called the dermatologist to get her approval of the ingredients. She was thrilled to hear we were switching to such a safe method for washing our clothing, sheets and towels. We also only use Dr Bronners baby Castile soap on everyone in the family, which his doctor was also happy about. PD laundry soap has worked perfectly for us, fights tough baby stains and our laundry smells clean. Not only do was save a significant amount of money doing laundry for a family of SIX, we are giving our little guy an advantage in life by boosting his immune system and protecting him from harsh ingredients in regular laundry detergents and softenets.

  2. posted by Rachel Fender on July 11, 2017

    I love this soap, it works great, smells good, and gets stains out. I have a husband and a teenage boy, so I can vouch for the stain removal!

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