Oven Fries Premium PD Recipe

French fries will make most people throw in the towel on a diet and yell mercy. My recipe for healthy fries will cut out the fat and make room for a super sized order every day of the week. Did you know that a potato has more fiber in it than oatmeal? It is higher in potassium than a banana. One potato will provide 45% of your daily supply of vitamin C. It’s time you started putting a big bag of these inexpensive, nutrient dense, high fiber, low cal and super satisfying spuds on your grocery list.

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  1. When using the French fry cutter I would pare off a little sliver of the potato to make sure it could fit through the square of the pusher plate. Once I did this, and put the smaller end of the potato toward the blades like you said, I pushed down on the handle and the potato went right through and made nice fries.

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