Plant-Based Zuppa Toscana Soup Premium PD Recipe

This health-promoting vegan remake of Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana soup is legit! I hit healthy out of the park for those who love the bacon-infused, potato kale Italian sausage simmered original. A Protective Diet cuts the fat and food costs while improving food quality to produce a sustainable slimdown. I worked my Protective Diet magic on this recipe makeover with my grain-free soy cream method. With your Instant Pot, this classic becomes a quickie, family-friendly, sure thing recipe that feels like a warm hug. This silky soup satisfies cold weather, cozy, comfort cravings. Put this on your seasonal shortlist when kale is sweet and potatoes are fresh. All PD recipes are created with easy-to-follow steps incorporating innovative oil-free cooking techniques and protective ingredients that produce outstanding meals to make you look and feel like a kitchen wizard.


      1. Thanks! I will cook it in one and let you know if I needed to transfer to a bigger pot or not. Can’t wait to provide protective foods for my family this coming week! I think they will be wow’d!

  1. AAAAMMMMAAAAAZZZZING! OH my goodness! Julie is SO gifted! This soup literally tastes like it has “meat” in it! The flavor is AMAZING! And this soup is SO easy to make! Easy, quick and VERY Nutritious! “Thank You” Julie!

  2. This soup is every bit as amazing as Jerry and Julie promised. I’m blown away by the creaminess, the spiciness, and tender vegetables. I’ve never had the original soup at Olive Garden as I’ve been plant based for awhile but I think this remake must be so much better! Thanks for your phenomenal skills in the kitchen Julie and thank you Jerry for being such a great support to everyone in PD! I’ve been so bolstered by both of your recent words of encouragement and especially nourished by this new recipe! I’m taking the leftovers to an extended family gathering tomorrow plus I’ll bring the Olive Garden salad and dressing with me to share this great food with others!

  3. The kale soup is in the instant pot and the onion bread is in the breadmaker and the Olive Garden remake dressing is chilling! Thank you for saving our health, our waist and our money Julie!!!

  4. This soup is phenomenal. Though I never had the original Olive Garden version, this one is so amazingly creamy, thick and delicious. It fills you up and clicks all the comfort food boxes! Don’t delay; make it today!

  5. A delicious and hearty soup! Side note: My grocery store was out of kale, so I used spinach. I was afraid it would be too tender and wouldn’t hold up in the IP. It worked out beautifully!

    1. A good substitute, and glad to hear it was a success.
      Tender baby greens can be added after cooking if you like them to remain bright green. They will wilt perfectly with the hot potatoes. Happy Fall to you!

  6. This soup is fantastic! I served it with Garlic Lovers Breadsticks and a green salad and it was an extremely satisfying meal. The broth is unbelievably silky and creamy…delicious!

  7. Made it today and wow! So good!!!
    Family was amazed and hubby said “I haven’t had a soup like that in a long time!” Thanks for making me look like a rockstar chef!
    Also loved the instruction video. It’s fun to watch you create fabulous recipes & make it look so easy.

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