Preserved Lemons Premium PD Recipe

Lemon peels contain DNA-repairing enzymes, offering our body cellular protection. Preserving the peels naturally eliminates tartness and intensifies the bright lemon flavor. This fun seasonal ritual is completed in under an hour, followed by a month of anticipation while your lemons transform. The skin becomes palatable and delicious, allowing us to easily incorporate them into our daily diet of protection.


  1. I cannot get enough of these lemons! I’ve made them with traditional lemons and Meyers lemons (much mellower flavor) and I love them both. Tonight I made the pressure cooked pasta with the garlic and lemon sauce. So good! Along with all of the recipes using the lemons on the site – I have also added diced preserved lemons to Pico de Gallo – it’s excellent. If you haven’t tried these – jump on board and get these made for a burst of flavor and protection!

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