Pressure Cooker Pasta Dinner Premium PD Recipe

This is a pressure cooking one pot dream come true. Your Protective Diet Pantry will have all the ingredients needed to simply toss together this easier-than-easy dinner that tastes oven-baked and smells divine. Add this simple recipe to your weeknight meal rotation and enjoy smiles from satisfied diners all around the table.


  1. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I think that about sums it up. My first pressure cooker recipe and I was very impressed with how easy it was and how flavorful it turned out. I might end up being a Pressure Cooker zombie as well. I did however end up with a burnt residue on the bottom of the inner pot. Not sure if that is common or not, so the pot is soaking. Can’t wait to try some of the other IP recipes. Not quite sure why I waited so long to buy one of these kitchen gizmos! Thanks Julie!

    1. If you are going to add mushrooms I would brown them as a first step on the brown or saute button. Boiled mushrooms aren’t the best tasting to me but if you like them, just add them to the onions.

  2. I liked the recipe but not the brand of noodles I used. The 365 brand whole wheat penne went grainy. The sauce was great and the pasta was cooked perfectly so definitely nooooo issue with the recipe. I just need to use another brand of noodles. Does anyone have another brand to suggest???

    1. Trader Joe’s organic whole wheat and organic brown rice are all I use. My Trader Joe’s isn’t nearby so I stock up my pantry with a case of each when I go. All the shapes of the whole wheat are great. They are smooth in texture and a great price.

  3. I have the insta pot with lots of settings. Which pressure cook button do you use? I just did soup button and changed it to one minute on timer. Is there a diff way?
    I will report on results, I’m excited!

  4. This is not only great tasting it is so inexpensive to make and feeds an army. Unbelievable fast to prepare. Seriously the longest part is chopping an onion! Love love love this recipe. Thank you Julie!

  5. Announcing the first ever pressure cooker one pot pasta dish that is cooked perfectly and tastes spectacular! After testing countless bags of pasta from wheat to brown rice varieties I became a pressure cooking zombie! There were late nights of testing timing and technique that I forgot I even had an oven or stove. I dreamed of pressure cooking ways to make this work. I received a new tittle at PD headquarters of The Pressure Cooking Princess! Many failed attempts of runny sauce, mushy noodles or dried burned pasta didn’t make me quit trying. I knew there had to be a way to create a 10 minute prep delicious pasta dinner in this gadget. Then on my last attempt I produced this simple to assemble awesome recipe! Who’s giving this one a try tonight?

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