Protective Polishing Hand Cleanser Premium PD Recipe

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Oiled or soiled mechanics and farmers clean up pretty with this protective perfume-free polishing paste. Our 100% natural, exfoliating, oil-based cleanser cleans us up while maintaining our protective microbiome population. Organic oil-based soap gently and effectively removes oil and organic matter faster than commercial products. Dissolvable clay exfoliant smooths cracks and extracts stains. Shea butter or coconut oil leaves skin supple and protected for your next project. Keep a jar in the kitchen to polish away the purple anthocyanin stains after hand packing ruby red sauerkraut. Keep a jar in the bathroom to wash away the garden grime and garage grease. This cleanser effectively transforms my hands from farmer to food photo ready with a complementary aroma therapy treatment. Please comment below if you enjoy this and other Protective Diet lifestyle products as much as I do.

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