Protective Sprouts Premium PD Recipe

The protective benefits of eating fresh sprouts are outstanding. One tiny sprouted seed contains all the protective phytochemicals and vitamins of the full-grown vegetable. This easy-to-follow sprouting guide will dramatically increase your antioxidant intake by adding sprouts to grain bowls, salads, and sandwiches. Sprouts are easy to grow; kids enjoy rinsing them and remind you to put them on everything. Sprouts offer access to powerful organic vegetables that most wouldn’t purchase or consume regularly. When we sprout cruciferous vegetable seeds we can provide our body with a concentrated dose of cancer-protective sulforaphane. For years broccoli sprouts were getting all the attention until we learned the importance of plant diversity to boost our microbiota and strengthen our immune system. We can sprout and incorporate other sulforaphane-producing vegetables like daikon radish and Chinese cabbage with affordable mail-order organic seed resources. Having raw sprouted lentils in my refrigerator improves my ability to get legumes in when they don’t coordinate with my main dish. Sprouting lentils increases their free-radical scavenging activities reducing oxidative stress in your body. I will still enjoy cooked lentils as cooking has its benefits, too. My sprouts goal is to boost our protection by incorporating fun to grow fresh crunchy garnishes within the Protective Diet community. We know how to reverse and prevent disease eliminating human suffering and pharmaceutical dependency. The protective benefits of sprouting and sulforaphane from cruciferous vegetables have been observed to prevent cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and MS. We have the knowledge to stop the progression of inflammatory disease and neurodegenerative diseases with lifestyle and clean nutrition in future generations. Due to the lack of interest and funding for holistic living and plant-based nutritional education, scientists are extracting and dosing sulforaphane (a detoxifying plant phytochemical) to assist the liver to flush processed food and chemicals out of the body to reduce the risk of preventable lifestyle diseases. Pharmaceuticals and supplements are bandaids created to help people feel better about continuing their inflammatory, disease-promoting lifestyles. I suggest growing and eating sulforaphane-rich cruciferous sprouts as a functional food to promote detoxification and prevent disease. Start sprouting all-natural protective sprouts and gain health independence with the Protective Diet community.

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  1. My lentil sprouts are ready! They are so delicious. I have known about sprouting for a long time, but learning in PD-Ed about their incredible benefits and a simple system for adding them to my kitchen rhythm has made all the difference. I made myself a sprout and kraut sandwich just like Julie Marie’s (PD-Ed class #305). Wow! What have I been missing all these years. Thank you so much for making it easy for me to take action for my health everyday. I love my Protective Diet!

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