Queso Dip Premium PD Recipe

Hot cheezy dip that is perfect for a party, Sunday football or dinner for one. This dip is so health promoting I invite you to enjoy it for dinner. After you experience how deliciously indulgent it tastes, there will be no encouragement needed. It cooks in just 15 minutes, the same time it takes to bake batch of Baked Tortilla Chips.


  1. Oh, my this is such a game changer. I made it using the ultimate cheese sauce. I was suppose to take it the BBQ, however, we ate it ALL, just tasting it. It was so good, we just kept eating, and all of sudden it was gone. Good thing I had more ultimate cheese sauce left, I quickly whipped up another batch.

  2. Julie: I have a 3 small dish, in one, cooker warmer. Should I heat this first in the oven and then transfer it to one of the 3 warming dishes in the slow cooker so it stays warm during game? Or OK just to heat it in that. Will it get thicker and start to set up if kept warm?? Also, there are 2 other warmer dishes, all smallish for 2 other warm dips. Can you recommend two others? Thank you for all your insight and thought. You never cease to amaze me. Will try the blooming onion soon!

    1. I would just mix and put it straight into the dish. You could do Un-fried Beans, Beef-less Taco Filling or a mild version of the Queso or just plain Cheeze sauce for people who are sensitive to spicy heat. Sounds like a nice warmer for Loaded Nachos ingredients. Veggie Chilli could be a good topping too.

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