Salad Chips Premium PD Recipe

I’m always trying to duplicate my favorite restaurant salads. Those salads were huge and loaded with different textures, sauces, and dressings. They were my weaknesses when dining out before adopting a Protective Diet. They were serious waistline expanders, topped with sugar- and fat-filled dressings and fried crispy toppings. I was always drawn to the ones topped with crunchy chips or fried wontons. Now we have awesome oil-free, full-bodied PD vinaigrettes and crunchy starch-based oil-free add-ins. These crunchy, gluten-free salad chips transform a simple salad into a satisfying energy producing-meal filled with whole grain corn. Bake a double or a triple batch and set yourself up for a week of unforgettable salads that will satisfy like a meal.


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