Stuff Yourself Stuffing Free PD Recipe

This traditional stuffing is holiday perfection in a pan with cubes of healthy bread and fresh herbs of the season. It is sure to please your family when topped with Protective Diet Mushroom Gravy or Basic Brown Gravy.

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  1. Another recipe I used for my first non-animal Thanksgiving dinner, awesome with the Not so Fatso potatoes and gravy! I can’t thank you enough for all these amazing recipes and for helping my first ‘vegan’ Thanksgiving turn out way better than I expected.

    1. Hi Penny!
      Congratulations on your first plant based Thanksgiving! Thank you for making some of my recipes for your holiday feast. These great reviews are the best thanks you could show me. It will help others to try the recipe and know it will be great. Thanks for taking the time to write reviews! Did you join our face book group? It’s called Protective Diet Living. It’s very supportive and everyone is posting recipe pictures and sharing health success stories. I hope to see you on there soon!
      Best of Health,

  2. Another fantastic recipe. I served this for Thanksgiving and thought it’s a hundred times better than any store-bought/boxed garbage! This is absolutely divine and full of flavor! I used 2 extra teaspoons of rubbed sage. YUM! The only thing I regret is that I can’t give this more than FIVE stars!!! Everyone will thank you for making such a delicious dish that they won’t believe you when you say it’s healthy 🙂

    1. I cube it up and let it sit out for a little while if I have time. It will be awesome either way. Day old bread is always great to use or use the Ezechiel bread, English muffins or buns they are already a bit dry.

  3. One of the reasons I have enjoyed Thanksgiving over the years…the stuffing. Unfortunately, it didn’t like me as witnessed by how much of it I would eat. Nowadays, Julie’s recipe could be just what I had been looking for in a stuffing recipe that will allow me stuff myself and be guilt free.

    With Thanksgiving on the horizon, I will be hosting about 15 people this year, most are not plant-based, but with this recipe I feel I can pull it off and no one will know the difference if nothing is said about the recipe. Although my recipe is probably higher in fat, due to the fact I am using Dave’s Killer Bread as the basis of the recipe because of all the nuts that bread has. Still with that said I still have no guilt eating the entire pan in just a few days. I would be willing to find some other oil free bread and give this stuffing a try and see what other flavors come out of it.

    I had never before used poultry spice, but it’s not a mainstay in my spice collection. This really made the flavor jump out at me like I had never tasted before. If I didn’t know any better I would have thought I was eating stuff made by my mom! Yet Julie’s recipe is better for you. The first time I did slather it with the mushroom gravy. Awesome! Great flavor all around. Both recipes will now be in my regular rotation of food I want.

    1. Many people are using Ezekiel bread, English muffins, or the sesame buns. I’m excited to hear how the your guests enjoyed the stuffing. The poultry seasoning is the key to many of my hearty recipes. The Roast-less Pot Pot Roast is another good one to give a try this winter. I added a recipe tab for Holiday and Party Favorites to help out when putting your Holiday feast together! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. This is so delicious! Thank you for helping me to look forward to Thanksgiving this year! I know that it’s not just about the food, but I also don’t want to sit there, feeling deprived, while everyone around me enjoys their food. Thanks to your amazing recipes, I’m looking forward to the tasty food that I get to eat this year!

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