Summer Cottage Salad Premium PD Recipe

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I have given the trending high-protein cottage cheese dressed cucumber tomato salad an emergency dairy-free, angiogenesis-inhibiting, low-fat, plant-based makeover to eliminate the cancer growth potential of the original. With suggestive marketing that animal-based protein is an appetite-suppressing superior fitness nutrient, it should come as no surprise that constipation is the number one reason for doctor’s visits and why cancer stops the lives of one in two people. Both of these health challenges are associated with casein, the protein in dairy. On a starch-based Protective Diet we veg-it-up with protective toppings, salads, and fermented garnishes promoting our microbiome health and eliminating digestive disorders and inflammatory disease. Summertime, when garden-ripe tomatoes and crunchy fresh cucumbers are in abundance, is the perfect time to whip up a batch of Plant-Based Cottage Cheese and make Summer Cottage Salad. This probiotic-populated, high-fiber salad is a delicious light and refreshing topping for endurance-enhancing starches, like baked potatoes, whole grains, and pasta.


  1. This salad is wonderfully refreshing and very satisfying. My husband, who has always professed to hate cottage cheese ate this and really liked it. Once you have yogurt strained it comes together very quickly and easily.

  2. G-Ma Christensen came to stay with us for five days this summer. This was her favorite of all the garden salads I made her. Every time Jerry helped himself to more she said please save some for me. On her last day she requested it again.

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