Summer Spaghetti Premium PD Recipe

No one will guess this fat-free yet creamy and quick-to-the-table Instant Pot recipe was made by stirring zucchini, veggie broth and pasta together like you mean it. This pasta dish contains an abundance of hidden zucchini designed to please and secretly protect everyone around your table. Sweet and nice, or add your favorite spice. Check out the garnish suggestions to transform this innovative garden-fresh pasta dinner into personalized Pro Bowls on busy or lazy summer days.


  1. PD Summer Spaghetti…Heaven in a bowl. Really. I’ve been feeling sick all day and zero energy. But this recipe is so quick and easy to make. If you thought Kid’s Spaghetti was good and easy, this one will impress you even more! I was able to get dinner on the table in no time, with hardly any effort. My large shredder disc on my food processor made it even quicker. And best of all, it was a delicious mild pasta dish to comfort me when I really needed to eat but didn’t have an appetite. Thank you Julie Marie! (It’s definitely Robert-approved!)

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