UV Protective Blueberry BBQ Sauce Premium PD Recipe

Sugar-free yet sticky-good and smokey-roasted with Carolina tang incorporating anti-aging ingredients, this is my new favorite sauce. You too can take advantage of natural UV and anti-aging cellular protection found in blueberries and chilis this summer. Berries get their rich color from anthocyanins, and chilis get their heat from capsaicin. Both phytochemicals naturally and effectively combat oxidative damage from the sun and environmental toxins. Learn delicious ways to incorporate plant protection and the science of protective food with PD-Ed Lessons: Class #243 Health Benefits of Spicy Food, Class #238 Anti-Aging Protective Beverages, Class #235 The Detoxifying, Neuroprotective Chemotherapeutic, Anti-Aging, Fat reducing, Autophagy Promoting Benefits of Sulforaphane and PD Egg Rolls, Class #221 Day Fast & Feast – The Science of Anti-aging | Combating Oxidative Stress & Promoting Autophagy, Class #128 Vitamins & Internal Sunscreen, and Class #289 Safe Sun Exposure & Natural Calcium Absorption to Prevent and Reverse Osteoporosis Holistically.

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