Vegged Up Pasta Salad Premium PD Recipe

Promote microbiome health by balancing your seasonal plate with 50% protective plant fiber and 50% satiating starch. This recipe includes six satisfying top-rated oil-free, sugar-free, additive-free salad dressing suggestions to suit everyone’s taste. Vegged Up Pasta Salad makes raw veggies family-friendly and portable for potlucks, beach picnics, camper coolers, and prep-ahead work or school lunches. As we eat diverse foods rich in fiber we are serving our resident microbes their favorite fuel. While digesting fiber they bathe us in anti-inflammatory buterate bath. This short-chain fatty acid protects us from inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases. Review the recipe notes for directions to connect with the best ‘accountability partner’ in the world to improve food quality and reduce food costs while you enjoy a sustainable Protective Diet


  1. This is a superb pasta salad and another excellent option for bringing to a party to share with SAD eaters. When I brought this to a potluck I waited too long to go fill my plate and none was left!

    And I would love a pasta making class and recipe!

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