Wasabi Ranch Dressing Dip Premium PD Recipe

Wow! This is good and incredibly good for you. Wasabi contains myrosinase, the enzyme needed for cooked cruciferous vegetables to produce the protective phytochemical sulforaphane. It also tastes exciting from its pungent heat. Just the thought of dipping and dressing all my protective meals in creamy Wasabi Ranch has my mouth watering and heart beating stronger. I didn’t always feel this way about spicy food until I learned of the health benefits, such as improved blood flow and glowing skin. With exposure therapy, I went from barely tolerating spice to anticipating my next exciting meal layered with heat. With the addition of spice in my meals, I feel satisfied with less food volume than when I ate bland foods. This may be due to the increased neurotransmitter production from spicy food causing a euphoric feeling and soothing my body, eliminating the need to use painful food volumes to numb my feelings.

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