Whole Wheat Pita Pocket Bread Free PD Recipe

With my recipe and Pro Tips I guarantee you will enjoy making perfect, pillowy soft, high fiber, immune boosting, autophagy promoting pocket bread as much as me. With every puffed pocket I squeal with excitement sharing my successful shortcut updates, innovative techniques, and modern tools to support outstanding results in your workplace for wellness. Since 2010 I’ve documented my sustainable health transformation with plant-based recipes, lifestyle lessons, and nutritional support. My original pita bread video is a visual testimony of the healthy slim down I experienced while I enjoyed my daily bead on a Protective Diet. With The Protective Diet Microbiome Population Project, we will adopt a lifestyle to protect, populate, and manipulate our microbiome for immunity, metabolic function, and optimal health while eliminating allergies, obesity, disease, and food cravings.

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  1. I can’t wait to make this for my Thanksgiving treat! I’m going to have counter space at a friends house who I’m house sitting for!! I’m filling my pitas with veggies and ranch!! I’m so excited!! Thank you Julie!!!

  2. For light and crispy pita chips: Tear pita into quarters and separate fronts and backs. Salt and air fry on the basket rack at 325 degrees for about 6 to 7 minutes. I’m scooping up Family Sized Mock Tuna Salad topped with Protective Sprouts and 7-Day Sauerkraut again tonight. I ❤️ the crunch crunch crunch!

  3. I plan to Puff Pita tonight! I can’t decide if I should bake them into pita chips to scoop up Jerusalem Salad or fill the pillowy soft pockets as is. Oh, the struggles fresh bread eaters face on a Protective Diet. I’m grateful every day on a PD

  4. All my pitas did not fully puff on my first attempt…don’t give up if this happened to you—persevere! I now consistently get fully puffed pita pockets that taste great and are easy to make.

  5. I have tried making pitas so many times without having them puff, Julie’s tip about rolling them out 2 at a time and then putting it on the hot pan immediately did the trick! They turned out perfect!!

  6. I made these this afternoon. Not too bad for a first time pita bread maker! I did have one problem though. When I mixed the flour, water and yeast together, my dough was extremely crumbly. I had to keep wetting my hands in order to get it all together to form a ball. It still seemed extremely dry. I think that I may have overworked the dough a bit. Any suggestions?

  7. I tried making Pita Bread years ago, and I didn’t get any pockets, so I never tried again. Until today. They were so simple to make, and they puffed up beautifully, forming perfect pockets. Best of all, my pickiest son thought they tasted great!

  8. Made these, but substituted sugar with sugar free applesauce. They still turned out great, and I was surprised at how much they actually puffed up.. Next time I’m going to have to roll them out thinner!

  9. Ok hoping i can get some answers. but I just tried this out and used oat flour mixed with a small amount of almond flour and ground flax. It ended up really wet with using the same measurements of flour and water you did. so i added more oat flour to get the right consistency, it did rise ok. Then during baking they puffed up a tiny bit, but stayed mostly flat. I rolled them fairly thin, should i roll them thicker and try that way? Any suggestions? A friend of mine and I are looking for a non wheat based flour way of making these. Thank you.

  10. I just made these pita bread. There may be a bit of a learning curve here… At least for me. Lol! The first few burnt and did not puff up. I think I was rolling them out too thin. The last few I made smaller and thicker. They puffed up just right and I am enjoying a yummy sandwich with one of them now!! Great recipe! I will be making these again ! Thanks Julie!

    1. They will work as pizza crusts even if they puff up they will lay back down. If you roll out and let rest about 10 minutes they will not open into pockets. You can also top this dough raw for pizza.

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