Yogi Bowl Premium PD Recipe

A synergy of delicious high-energy protection has me looking forward to kicking off my day with a big breakfast Yogi Bowl or Yogi Jar packed to eat on the run, offering a spectrum of protective advantages. Berries first thing in the morning offer free radical and sunscreen protection during my pre-lunch walk. Additive free, organic, easy-make soybean Plant Based Yogurt delivers cancer regressing angiogenesis inhibitors, layered with high-energy raw oats to make me unstoppable on this deliciously satisfying path to optimal health. Busy days that begin with a satisfying Yogi Bowl keep my mind off food until it is time for my next PD meal recharge.


  1. The yogurt was too tart for me at first. I found that if I add ¼ to cup applesauce to the bowl along with a banana, it really helps. I have been enjoying this for breakfast for months! Thank you! You are right. It does satiate me until late afternoon.

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