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Stop the Snacks Challenge (Caloric Restriction)

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Class #200 – Stop The Snacks Challenge

Julie Marie January 2, 2018

Protective Diet Class #200

Stop the Snacks Challenge

This introduction to mindful eating without feelings of restriction is designed to help you sit down to dinner hungry, instead of “snacked out” from a day of turning to food for relief from boredom, cold, stress and other realities of life. Start fully living instead of living full, with PD mindful eating action steps that help you maintain a delicious, enjoyable and sustainable PD practice.


  • Let us inspire and encourage you. Visit our support group, Protective Diet Living (PDL).
  • Get familiar with the Guide to Optimal Health—your roadmap to key classes that will guide you to success.
  • Community Class Reviews are replays of key classes that address trending challenges, accompanied by a live chat with Julie including added commentary, clarification and answers to your current questions.


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Action Steps for Stopping the Snacks

  • Understand the Purpose
  • Mindful Eating=Self-Awareness. This is NOT about restriction.
  • Time to really get to know yourself.
  • Time to stop confusing feelings of exhaustion, boredom, loneliness, stress or even joyful excitement with hunger.
  • Evaluate Your Readiness
  • Begin this betterment challenge when you are in the PD Groove.
  • Nothing can derail you from maintaining all the advantages of your daily PD practice.
  • You are feeling fantastic, and physical food cravings have disappeared along with health challenges.
  • Anticipate the Benefits


  • Achieve & easily maintain your slimmest body without food restriction.
  • Enhance and appreciate true hunger before meals.
  • Dramatically improve meal time food satisfaction.
  • Handicap your ability to binge:

– Turn on Full Reception using your body’s Natural Calorie Tracker.

– Eliminate overconsumption of calories—without the need for measuring or counting.

  • Enjoy high energy, especially post meals.
  • A break from digestion=Time for your body to focus on healing and protective repair work using protective foods.


  • Experience the fullness of life, instead of over-fullness of belly. Feel fulfilled and complete.
  • Feeling your feelings becomes easier than numbing with food.
  • Discover new rituals that make you feel good.
  • Engage in purposeful, non-food related activities between meals.

Time & Money

  • Reduce food costs with food volume reduction.
  • Shorten food preparation time allowing more time for satisfying & healing activities.
  • Take Action
  • Do not eat between meals; eat only at meal time; do not graze; eat a meal when you are truly hungry.
  • Replace snacks with a special PD Beverage break or a refreshing glass of water.
  • Feel hunger signals: Not hungry for a full meal=not time to eat yet. (“I just want a little something salty,”≠ true hunger)
  • Feel thirst signals: When you are thirsty, drink. Do not eat fruit to satisfy your thirst.
  • Address your needs:
Fatigue– Take a nap/go to bed earlier. Don’t eat to stay awake. Food will never repair sleep deprivation. – Treat yourself with a PD Lifestyle recipe.
Stress– Take several deep breaths, go for a walk, take a bath, phone a friend. – Engage in PDL for 24 hour community support. Share your challenges in Pre-Class Chats in PD-Ed.
Overwhelm– Write down challenges and read them aloud to yourself as if they were your best friend’s problems. – Write down suggestions you would offer your friend and take your own advice immediately.
Boredom– Get out of the kitchen. Find something enjoyable to engage in outside of the kitchen. – Watch a class in the Archives to inspire and empower yourself with new information.
Cold– Get your blood flowing. Jump or do squats, rather than looking for warm foods. – Enjoy a warm PD Beverage.
Doubt– Record your progress in your Calendar of Achievements. – Pre-write your Testimonial and plan a date to post it on

Cooking Tips

  • Do not eat “Chef’s Treats” during meal prep. Don’t ruin your appetite. Your appetite makes your food taste fantastic.
  • Chew Protective Gum to eliminate mindless eating while cooking.
  • Allow your mouth to slowly moisten several pieces of Protective Gum until they come together. Chew slowly.
  • Source your Protective Diet staples in bulk for the best price.

Student Q&A

Q: What serving size is best for the Rice Pudding? How would you portion it?

Q: Does adding drops of Essential Oils add fat content to food?

Q: Is it ok to use Plant-based Yogurt that has been unopened in the fridge for several weeks?

Q: If I don’t have an Instant Pot, is there another method for making yogurt?


  • I don’t ever want you to do anything that doesn’t feel good. Go with how you feel. Turn on your natural calorie tracker.
  • The first month of practicing mindful eating you might not really understand when you are full and satisfied. There is no timeline or expiration date on learning about yourself. You are going to constantly evolve and get better and feel better.
  • Food will never offer this kind of healing. Only feeling and living life will allow you to feel fulfilled and complete. I want to help you experience life and eat wonderful, delicious, satisfying protective food in a way that feels amazing and allows you to go live life, play and have healthy fun.
  • Life is way too short to bury your days in food. I haven’t ever tasted a food worthy of holding me back and suppressing one more day of my precious life.
  • I missed out on many years of experiencing the fullness of my life by numbing my personal feelings with food and making eating an isolating, shameful activity, instead of living and feeling the ups and downs and joys and sorrows God gave me to experience.
  • When I removed the food rituals of covering up my feelings with food, I had nothing left, but to find new actions to take to make myself feel good, satisfy my needs and start living. There was no distracting me from my feelings. I had to address them and my unmet needs in life.

“This is not about restriction. This is about self-awareness, eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are full and satisfied, rather than stuffed and lethargic.”

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Getting started with Mindful Eating

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