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Class #316 | Seven-Day Sauerkraut: Preserve Your Harvest with Small Batch Fermentation The function of natural prebiotics/probiotics and how they benefit your microbiota.
Class #315 | 12 – Steps To Improve Your Metabolism This class presents twelve life-enhancing actions to increase your metabolic rate for a lean fit body. Eliminate metabolic disorders and lose those “survival pounds” by supporting your mind-microbe connection and promoting harmony and homeostasis in the body.
Class #314 | Veg-it-Up with Zucchini and The 50/50 Bowl Balance A summer meal demonstration to keep your practice of a whole food plant-based diet exciting. Air fried Zucchini Noodles offer superb texture and rich roasted flavor. Oil-free, plant-based air-fryer techniques get fresh, seasonal protection on your plate fast.
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7-Day Sauerkraut Free Protective Diet Recipe Probiotics are found naturally on the surface of all fruits and veggies. My small batch ruby raw kraut recipe makes… Continue Reading