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Class #323 | Seed to Harvest Hydroponics featuring Eggless Egg Salad Lettuce Wraps Learn how to create a salad grow room to gain independence amidst rising produce costs and food shortages. These simple, hands-off, Protective Diet Homestead winter gardening techniques will have you growing organic lettuce in the comfort of your guest room.

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Soft Batch Oatmeal Cookies Premium PD Recipe The delicate pillowy soft texture of these Soft Batch Oatmeal Cookies hides the high-fiber, health-forward ingredients. I removed the sugar… View Recipe
Seasoned Brown Rice Premium PD Recipe Pack a rice bowl with hot seasoned brown rice and flip it over onto a bowl of well-dressed, oil-free, chopped… View Recipe
Family-Sized Eggless Salad Premium PD Recipe Pardon my excitement when I see notices on grocery store doors for disease promoting food ingredient shortages. If they last… View Recipe
Old-Fashioned Toasted Oat Cookies Premium PD Recipe There is nothing old-fashioned about my high-fiber, health-forward, texture-packed oatmeal cookies except the oats. I removed the sugar and fat… View Recipe
Vanilla Rice Pudding Premium PD Recipe No-cook thick and creamy plant-based vanilla pudding with the delightful texture of whole grain brown rice, topped with a sprinkle… View Recipe
Family Size Mock Tuna Salad Premium PD Recipe This enlarged batch will serve a plant-based family satisfying sandwiches, Tuna Melts, or calorie-conservative crunchy lettuce cups. The original recipe… View Recipe
Beauty Broth Hot Pot Slim Down Method Premium PD Recipe I created this low-cal, hot, brothy bowl to soothe the insatiable with a protective veggie variety. Suppose you are struggling… View Recipe
Fermented Tomato Sauce Premium PD Recipe Preserve your tomato harvest in the fridge, freezer or can it for the shelf. Intensify flavor and increase the bioavailability… View Recipe

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