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Class #319 | Sip On Polyphenol Protection & Intro to Hydroponics This class reviews Protective Brews—calorie-free, polyphenol-rich, prebiotic beverages that look gorgeous, taste better than water, and soothe the entire body. They are irresistible! So is a thrifty, indoor Salad Grow Room full of luscious leafy greens in the winter.
Class 318 | Garden Confetti Bread Cooking Demonstration A fun walk-through demonstration of the recipe of the week. Co-cook with Julie Marie for innovative whole-food-plant-based recipes, cooking techniques, and protective lifestyle suggestions to populate and promote a healthy and diverse microbiome.
Class #317 | Walipini Field Trip, Watermellon Harvesting, and Seed Saving A new addition to the Protective Diet Homestead series. With a set-it-and-forget-it meal in the Instant Pot, we set off on a field trip to local Walipinis. Julie Marie demonstrates her garden seed saving system and showcases a Protective Diet style hostess gift.

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Fermented Tomato Sauce Premium PD Recipe Preserve your tomato harvest in the fridge, freezer or can it for the shelf. Intensify flavor and increase the bioavailability… View Recipe
Adult Hot Chocolate Premium PD Recipe This hit-the-spot chocolate beverage is a winter favorite. Iced or hot, it can be enjoyed year round, but I especially… View Recipe
Pasta e Ceci Stew (pronounced pasta e chech-ie) This classic Roman chickpea soup eats like a stew. It is traditionally prepared all in one pot, simmered, and served… View Recipe
Protective Coffee Premium PD Recipe This is our favorite robust-roast coffee replacement that contains noteworthy organic protection. The roasted and ground organic root of the… View Recipe
Southern Chow Chow Premium PD Recipe If you have a vegetable garden and live in the South, then you know this beautiful relish. With the increased… View Recipe
Garden Confetti Bread Premium PD Recipe This gorgeous, fat-free, high-fiber, sugar-free, date-free, zucchini-carrot-fruit bread incorporates delightful textures with surprising whole plant ingredients. I gave my original… View Recipe
Plant-Based Zuppa Toscana Soup Premium PD Recipe This health-promoting vegan remake of Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana soup is legit! I hit healthy out of the park for… View Recipe
Apple Pie Yogi Bowl Premium PD Recipe The Yogi Bowl is my favorite portable, pantry-handy, protective meal that assembles in minutes. Effortless and oh-so-satisfying! I layer up… View Recipe