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Class #303 – Tutorial All the ins and outs of
Class #302 – Lifeline Recipe Good & Bad Actions Produce Results This class demonstrates one lifeline pantry recipe that you can always have on hand, so you never have to eat off-plan and jeopardize your health. Set your main goal, follow through with daily micro goals, and celebrate your success. Make this “the year you did it!”
Class #301 – Kids’ Spaghetti Pasta-Bake Casserole and Demonstration featuring Melt and Bake Cheeze This class simplifies dinner. Walk in the door after a busy day and throw it all in a casserole pan. Keep it simple or take it next level. Let it bake while you sit down and relax, or make a cold salad to pair with this hot starch. Cheezy comfort casseroles—we have it all!
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