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Class #315 | 12 – Steps To Improve Your Metabolism Stress-reducing wellness-enhancing practices that support our mind, microbe, and muscle connection
Class #314 | Veg-it-Up with Zucchini and The 50/50 Bowl Balance A summer meal demonstration to keep your practice of a whole food plant-based diet exciting. Air fried Zucchini Noodles offer superb texture and rich roasted flavor. Oil-free, plant-based air-fryer techniques get fresh, seasonal protection on your plate fast.
Omad Diet & Master Fasting - The Easiest Step-Wise Approach Class 313 Class #313 | Master Fasting – A Transitional Approach For Maximum Benefits A fasting application review covering psychological and physical cravings, hunger hormones, transitional fasting, cellular clean-up, and fueling your microbiota in one meal a day (OMAD). Day fasting can be an easy, enjoyable, effective and sustainable lifestyle.
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Latest Recipes

Vegged-Up Cornbread Salad Premium PD Recipe This Southern starch-based salad satisfies making us cheer, “let’s enjoy salad month all year!” I boosted the flavors and texture… Continue Reading
The Skinny Big Fat Greek Salad Premium PD Recipe In Greece, it is called a village salad. Protective Diet slimmed it down to celebrate it’s garden fresh flavor and… Continue Reading
Mom’s Diet Dressing Premium PD Recipe This dressing was my mother’s go-to slimming salad dressing in the 1970s when the rest of my family was pouring… Continue Reading
Air Fried Zucchini Noodles Premium PD Recipe This technique transforms zucchini into noodles with superb texture and rich roasted flavor. I’ve been vegging-up noodle bowls with plant… Continue Reading