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Class #319 | Sip On Polyphenol Protection & Intro to Hydroponics This class reviews Protective Brews—calorie-free, polyphenol-rich, prebiotic beverages that look gorgeous, taste better than water, and soothe the entire body. They are irresistible! So is a thrifty, indoor Salad Grow Room full of luscious leafy greens in the winter.
Class 318 | Garden Confetti Bread Cooking Demonstration A fun walk-through demonstration of the recipe of the week. Co-cook with Julie Marie for innovative whole-food-plant-based recipes, cooking techniques, and protective lifestyle suggestions to populate and promote a healthy and diverse microbiome.
Class #317 | Walipini Field Trip, Watermellon Harvesting, and Seed Saving A new addition to the Protective Diet Homestead series. With a set-it-and-forget-it meal in the Instant Pot, we set off on a field trip to local Walipinis. Julie Marie demonstrates her garden seed saving system and showcases a Protective Diet style hostess gift.

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Chocolate Cream Pie Premium PD Recipe I should have named this health-promoting, creamy dark chocolate, oil-free, fat-free, nut-free, and tofu-free Too Good To Be True Pie.… View Recipe
seetpotatopie1 - © ProtectiveDiet.com Sweet Potato Pie Premium PD Recipe Sweet potato pie is the pumpkin pie of the South, and in my opinion, it is the far better tasting… View Recipe
Pumpkin Pie Premium PD Recipe The texture of this pie is irresistible and the aromatic warm fall spices are balanced perfectly. This is a quick-prep,… View Recipe
Country Wheat Stuffin’ Muffins PD Premium Recipe The star of Thanksgiving dinner remade into a plant-based batter and baked into handheld muffins that we can enjoy any… View Recipe
Stuff Yourself Stuffing Free PD Recipe This traditional stuffing is holiday perfection in a pan with cubes of healthy bread and fresh herbs of the season.… View Recipe
Mushroom Gravy Free PD Recipe & Cooking Video This dark and flavorful gravy will complete your holiday feast or make a simple Sunday dinner something to remember. Ladle… View Recipe
Classic Cranberry Sauce Premium PD Recipe This season I am thankful for my health and freedom from sugar addiction. My holiday meals are perfection with sugar-free… View Recipe
Creamy Mashed Potatoes by the Pound Premium PD Recipe Our satisfaction and nutritional mastery are evident as we enjoy creamy mashed potatoes to maintain a noticeably lean and healthy… View Recipe