Natural Dishwasher Detergent Premium PD Recipe

Toxic, carcinogenic chemicals and endocrine-disrupting fragrances in commercial detergents remain on dishes we fill with protective food and beverages. Chemicals fill the air we breathe when the steamy dishwasher door is opened. While living in Chicago, and San Diego, my water was soft, so I could skip using detergent in my dishwasher and turn out sparkling, hot water sanitized dishes. Then I moved to Utah, with naturally delicious but hard, mineral-rich well water. Great for drinking but not for the shiny, photo-ready dishware I require to do my job with Protective Diet. I was not about to add chemicals back into my home when my hard well water, detergent-free wash left my dishes and jars coated in a dull white film. I couldn’t stand the fragrances on returned dishes from friends using commercial detergents, and the list of chemicals on “environmentally safe” detergents was disturbing to me. I had to find a chemical-free, shine producing dishwasher detergent solution to protect my body, microbes, home, and ground-water from toxic chemicals fast, or I was moving. This was top priority, so I researched, gathered, and tested every natural, non-toxic combination I could create until my dishes and jars came out sparkling and photo-ready! Jerry and I cheered with a celebratory dance as we unloaded each shiny jar and glass together. We are geeks when it comes to healthy living solutions, and with this recipe we feel like we won.
After living fragrance and chemical free for a decade I am knocked out by the fragrances in friends’ homes. After a few hours in a household that uses commercial detergents the aroma and air begins to feel less thick. I leave with a headache and lung rawness. You may think I’ve made myself sensitive by eliminating chemicals in my home, however I know I have offered Jerry, my dogs, and anyone joining me in my house a toxin-free retreat that allows the body to focus on wellness rather than constant detox. I hope you enjoy the wellness benefits of all of Protective Diet’s effective and cost-cutting DIY lifestyle products. They are some of my favorite optimal health recipes.

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