Bean Battered Mushrooms Premium PD Recipe

This is our favorite fuss-free Protective Diet air fryer recipe yet! Your struggling grain-free friends will point and cheer, “Bring the mushrooms over here!” Five-minute prep and twenty in the air fryer allow you time to whip up your favorite dairy-free dip and colorful veg to complete a protective party plater. When I have fresh mushrooms and it’s movie night I assemble a protective high-fiber, low-cal mushroom platter decorated with a fun-to-eat finger salad. Enjoy the recipe notes detailing the double dose of anti-aging, autophagy-promoting spermidine naturally included in this recipe for your protection.

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  1. Julie Marie Christensen the mushrooms are so tasty and so Easy! I can’t believe that it really took like five minutes to make. And it turned out so delicious and crisp! Had to have lots and lots of Healthy Ranch to dip!

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