Creamed Kale Premium PD Recipe

Creamed Kale is a perfect way to encourage your friends and family to make room on their holiday plate for protective leafy greens served in a rich flavorful sauce. They will give thanks when they find out this creamy side dish is guilt free. This dish can take center stage on your weekday plate any time of the year using any leafy green of your choosing. Serve it over brown rice, whole grain pasta, or mashed potatoes and you’ll be enjoying a quick and easy unforgettable hearty meal that will be added to your most requested list.


  1. This is a great recipe to tempt non-kale eaters, and to use up a LOT of kale. I came home from vacation with both of our towers full of kale. It’s delicious. Thank you, Julie.

  2. Just made the Creamed Kale for dinner tonight. Served it over mashed potatoes. All I can say is “Wow” was it good. I was a little worried before eating it because it really didn’t look that good. I was never a fan of creamed spinach growing up. I only used ½ the cream sauce & ½ lb of kale. It was enough for 2 servings. I’ll use the remaining sauce to make creamed spinach. Delicious!

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