Fat-Free Fried Green Tomatoes Premium PD Recipe

The end of the summer means threats of frost for most vegetable gardens. Every October, I panicked and picked all the green tomatoes from their vines with the hope they would ripen on the countertop. Now I celebrate the extra protection green tomatoes offer our bodies during the annual frost-warning, ‘pick-everything’ harvest with this recipe. Green tomatoes expand our protection with plant diversity and cancer-protective tomatine found in green tomatoes. This phytochemical protects the unripe tomato and its plant with fungicidal and antimicrobial protection. When consumed, we receive the phytochemical benefits in the form of anti-cancer cellular protection. After tasting these crunchy, well-seasoned, dippable delicacies and learning about protective plant chemicals, you may want to pick next summer’s tomatoes green. Protective Diet recipes are designed as weekly educational bites to achieve and maintain optimal health with a sustainable diet incorporating plant-based functional foods based on advances in phytochemical research.


  1. I’ve never had fried green tomatoes before so I can’t speak to the authenticity of these, but what I can say is that they are delicious! Such a great combination. Of crisp, crunchy exterior with tender delicious middle. Loved them with buttermilk dressing and hot sauce as Julie recommends.

  2. Goodness Gracious!! Born in New Orleans, I grew up eating fried green tomatoes, battered in cornmeal and deep fried….I was a little curious how Julie would get that same texture without the cornmeal and hot oil! Man, she got the flavor and texture PERFECTLY!! These taste like the ones my Mama made!! There truly is nothing Julie cannot create! She’s made this Southern girl so very happy with these!

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