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Dress up a simple baked potato or top a bowl of PD Split Pea Soup with this delicious and nutritious bacon bit replacement. Try a chopped salad tossed with PD Creamy Ranch Dressing and add crunchy bits of “bacon”. Life is good; we’re achieving all of our health goals and enjoying the flavors of bacon without the negative impact on our health, the animals or the Earth.

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Comments (3)

  1. posted by diane ogdon on March 3, 2019

    I just love this recipe! I’ve been making it for the four years I’ve been practicing PD I keep it in the fridge and panic when it’s almost gone. I love the crunch and flavor starch addition to my salads and sprinkle on PD flatbread subs. I don’t get tired of it. Lately I’ve been cooking it on two pans for about 55 minutes to have it extra thin and crunchy.

  2. posted by Vibeke Vale on March 10, 2016

    What a cool idea!

  3. posted by Marie on December 24, 2014

    These are delicious…. Great as a snack. Thanks!

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