Firm Notzzarella Cheeze Premium PD Recipe

Protective Diet has created an oil and nut- free, nondairy shred-able and slice-able cheeze. Firm Notzzarella is perfect for pizza, adding to pasta dishes, topping lasagna, layering into quesadillas, or completing a “tuna” melt. This recipe is a major game changer for all who are practicing an oil and nut-free plant-based Protective Diet.


    1. As long as you do not cross contaminate it with other ingredients, use clean hands when slicing and wrap it up it will stay fresh for weeks. When it spoils it will grow mold due to bacterial growth.

  1. This is just awesomeness! I gave up on cheese substitutes long ago but, I am so excited that I will finally have a low fat cheeze to put on my kids and my pizza. Thank you! I can’t wait to try it with nutritional yeast flakes and turmeric for a cheddar flavor. I lined a container with silicone cupcake holders (8) and filled each of them so that I would have smaller chunks of cheeze.

  2. A tip for those who have issues with the cheeze firming up so it grates. I always use the widest pan I have, on my large burner, rather than a tall saucepan on a smaller burner. You need the large surface area to allow for the most steam to escape. Mine grates beautifully, once it cools down. Note: As mentioned in a comment above, even though it grates well, do not expect it to melt much. If you want a melty cheeze, use the buffalo nottzarella instructions instead. Pick the recipe instructions for whether you want a cheeze that melts or one that grates. Hope these tips help those who are in a quandary.

  3. Update on this incredible cheeze!
    Don’t use chunks of any added ingredients, they will just fall out of your cheeze. Instead add any seasoning or chopped ingredients to the blender so it gets blended into the mixture. We’ve done chopped jalepeno & red pepper flakes at seperate times. Both add a nice spice to the cheeze without taking away from the wonderful overall flavor.
    This firm version of the notzzarella cheeze does not ‘melt’ like your SAD version but it is still delicious, just have to switch our paradime not to expect it to be like melted cheese from your past. 🙂

  4. I’ve tried this recipe 3 times being certain to following the directions EXACTLY. And although the “cheese” firms up it never seems to achieve that hard texture described after chilling. Would it be possible to get a video for this recipe to see the consistency of the mixture when you transition it to the container for chilling. The taste is good and I have several recipes I’ve been waiting to try with the shredded version of this cheese but I can’t seem to get it hard enough to shred.

    1. I will add the video to my schedule in December. I wish I could just come by and whisk up a batch with you. I’m so sorry you haven’t had success with my directions. When you are heating and whisking you are reducing the liquid in half. Be sure is is bubbling from the heat, this allows the liquid to reduce and the whisking keeps it from burning. To test it is reduced enough to be firm enough, drop a small drop of the cheeze into ice water. It will turn rubber like if it is reduced enough to grate or shred. Chill it down and grate it up.

  5. Has anyone tried freezing this? I’m trying to stock my freezer with healthy, easy options for the kids & hubby when I’m not home and frozen pizzas are always popular. I would love to make my own with this “cheese”. Thanks!

  6. This cheese is the BEST stuff ever, it tastes like real cheese, I can not stop eating it. Love the firmness and how easily it shreds. We are making another batch and we’re trying to imitate pepper jack cheese, I’m adding jalapeños once its ready to go into the bowl for molding. 🙂
    I’ll give an update.

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