Fish-Less Sticks Premium PD Recipe


This is a quick prep comfort food favorite for both kids and adults alike. Crispy Protective Diet Fish-Less Sticks dipped in creamy dairy-free health promoting PD Tartar Sauce will have everyone cheering for more. I recommend doubling the batch, as you can never have enough for your little dippers. These are a perfect solution for packing exciting kids’ lunch boxes. They are naturally gluten-free and loaded with phyto-chemicals to defend and protect the body.

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  1. posted by momthedork on August 9, 2016

    Love this recipe. We use it to make “fish” tacos with cabbage and Chipotle Mayo.

  2. posted by psymjw on August 31, 2015

    Another winner! Easy and delicious; especially with the tarter sauce. Great on a sandwich or in a salad. YUMMY!!

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