Oil-Free Garlic Naan Premium PD Recipe

My favorite soft flatbread with an elastic chew, plain or coated in garlic-butter and cilantro, has danced through my memory for fifteen vegan years. In my dreams I used this pillow-soft bread to scoop up spicy Red Lentil Dahl, wrap my Falafel topped with Spice Sauce and layer on Gyros swimming in Tzatziki Sauce. If you haven’t experienced naan, please let me introduce you to pita bread’s thinner, softer, more flexible, pocketless younger sister from India with Persian roots. The name comes from the Persian word “non”, for bread. Naan incorporated yogurt and oil to keep it soft. It was tossed into a fiery hot tandoori oven to quickly bake, producing bubbles and a bit of char. I have finally perfected an oil-free whole-grain plant-based recipe remake that turns your Dutch oven into a stovetop tandoori oven, producing stretchy-soft fat-free plant-based bread to dip, wrap and enjoy with everything. This will be Protective Diet’s ovens-off-for-the-summer flatbread favorite. Please share what you are enjoying your naan within the blog comments below.

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  1. I love naan and this recipe is fantastic! It is simple to make, and delicious to eat…soft, chewy, and pliable. I used it tonight for gyro sandwiches and it folded in half without tearing or breaking apart…perfect!

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