Luau Salad Premium PD Recipe

There are a dozen copycat recipes of this indulgent wonton-stacked entrée salad with tropical Asian flare from the Cheesecake Factory restaurant. Protective Diet has the exclusive slimmed-down, oil-free, sugar-free, plant-based recipe, including all the layered textures and flavors that gave this salad a fan club following. Keep it simple with the essential ingredients or prepare perfect copycat components in advance for a dinner-party-worthy salad.


  1. This is absolutely my new all-time favorite salad! I never had the Cheesecake Factory version, but Julie’s PD version would be worthy to be served at Cheesecake Factory for $16.00! The combination of the asian vinaigrette and duck sauce is so good, and the crispy wontons send it over the top. I would proudly serve this salad to non-PD people. With a little advanced planning on your SUS day this salad comes together very quickly.

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