Mama Ghanoush Premium PD Recipe

This Lebanese Protective Diet remake will take summer’s zucchini harvest out of your sweetbreads and reserve them for this savory specialty. Mama Ghanoush is made mainly of roasted zucchini. When I scoop it up with veggies, I say I’m having veggies with my veggies. It’s made just like Baba Ghanoush, without the sometimes hard-to-find eggplant. Serve as a dip or as a sandwich spread, just like hummus. It’s traditionally made with roasted zucchini, yogurt, oil and tahini. I have replicated the creamy original, replacing the oil and fat with protective slimming ingredients, complete with grilling directions to keep the kitchen cool in the summer when zucchini are in season. Since this is one of the best dishes I’ve ever had on a Protective Diet, I’ve included oven-roasting directions for year-round deliciousness.


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