Medicinal Chai Latte Premium PD Recipe

Chai means tea in Hindi. The original blend was spicy, bold and medicinal—nothing like the sugary Chai Latte Big-bucks offers in a plastic-lined adult sippy cup. This PD remake highlights the 5000-year-old Ayurvedic practice of incorporating therapeutic bold herbs, floral flowers, and warming spices; while the addition of cacao and loose tea adds a satisfying body to this beverage. Using our protective pantry, I expanded the variety of prebiotics in this simmering sipper. Adopt this chai latte as a wind-down ritual to treat yourself and your microbes with a custom blend of organic warming ingredients that improve blood flow and circulation while flooding the body with antioxidant-packed, prebiotic, protective polyphenols. If you enjoy the anti-inflammatory benefits of Protective Diet’s Tuber Tonic, this beverage is next-level protective. This recipe includes three frothing options with a Mommy and Me warm and frothy protective soy milk nighty-night routine. Simmer and sip a Medicinal Chai pot tonight and fill your home with comforting aromatics. Join us for a lesson in personal progress reflection and frothing demo in PD-Ed Lesson #338, Eliminating The Diet Reward Cycle

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  1. I think it is delicious! I will try leaving out the caffeine ingredients to drink at night. I’m new to latte and froth. I enjoyed it. I too enjoyed the notes on this recipe. A lot of work went into it! Thank you Julie Marie.

  2. This drink is Scrumptious! It’s like receiving a warm hug on a cold day. Nice warming spices with light, frothy soy milk. I can’t believe it is so good for us. My entire family Loved it and drank it up. I left out the loose black tea but everything is spot one. I can see myself ending my meal or warming up on a frosty day for a long, long time with this recipe . Thanks Julie

  3. I love the insights in this write-up. Feeling more aware already. I’m excited for class 338! A joyful example is the greatest influence. Julie Marie and Jerry you are the best at keeping this fresh and new. It’s the perfect combo of routine and novelty—it keeps me engaged.

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