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Mix & Mac

This vegan macaroni and cheese will please the entire family while keeping you light on your feet and skipping through the kitchen. Quick-prep, fat-free, plant-based, Instant Pot macaroni and cheeze is a healthy living dream come true. This pantry-staple mix recipe is designed to satisfy everyone and eliminate meal planning. Mix & Mac will cut your food costs, reduce kitchen time, and make eating healthy rewarding on your busiest days. Creative cooks can increase flavor and protection with a variety of suggested add-ins and toppings. Move over, Kids’ Spaghetti; we have a new quick-prep pressure cooker friendly recipe that is dinner party and potluck approved! Pre-measure single batches of Mix & Mac mix into repurposed Broth Mix jars and keep your Workplace for Wellness stocked with pasta. It will make you feel and look like a plant-based PD Pro!

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  1. posted by Stephen Toumi on April 27, 2021

    Oh yes! This quick and simple meal takes me back to my early days when I found Julie. While this recipe wasn’t one she had created yet, I did use nutritional yeast for the first time as the basis of a “cheezy sauce.” I was hooked. Attempting to gain control of my health, I made this recipe after watching #260 and she mentioned using the IP for the meal. Dang simple! Prepped the ingredients, grabbed some spinach and chopped a few tomatoes and in 20 minutes I was enjoying a warm and inviting bowl of cheezy pasta. Just love the flexibility of this recipe. I could honestly eat it all week, just adding different “mix ingredients” which is what makes this recipe so nice. It’s lunch and dinner for a few days. So thanks J&J for the great food!

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