Patatas Bravas Premium PD Recipe

This popular dish is famous in Spain’s Tapas Bars. Tapas is a style of small bites of food served to encourage sharing, conversation and socialization. It is often served with tiny picks and little plates. It was designed as a small pre-dinner meal and was designed to be shared. In Spain, dinner is typically served late in the evening, and the Tapas bars offer time to unwind and snack after work. I’ve given this traditional bite-sized crispy fried potato dish covered in spicy Spanish tomato sauce and garlic mayo a full sized oil-free makeover. This flavorful potato dish will please anyone that enjoys sharing a snack or is in need of a new idea for the perfect starch component to a PD 50/50 Balanced Plate.


  1. Delicious recipe. You need to try this! The potatoes come out crispy tender. The Salsa Brava and garlic mayo make this such a good dish. Sweet and spicy, I love it!

  2. This dish is a huge hit with my family and friends! I love the crispy on the outside, soft in the middle potatoes! I appreciate the Spanish flavors- the garlicky mayo with a sweet and spicy salsa pair beautifully together to make this dish a top favorite!

  3. This recipe is so good and it hits the spot! This makes a great party dish but it will be part of my weekly SUS because it is just so good. My husband from Spain gave it a thumbs up! We love this sauce and the speedy steak fries recipe worked perfectly well to make the fried potato chunks typically served with this sauce in Spain. This bravas sauce is delicious on broccoli or greens as well. So yummy!

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